When you see the following two phone numbers, which is easier to remember?


B. 800-266-8228

If you selected A, you win a…high five. Option A is what is known as a vanity number. A vanity number is one you choose for your business that spells out a memorable word or phrase. Think: 1-800-FLOWERS or 1-800-GOFEDEX. It helps people easily remember how to contact your business and it provides better brand awareness.
Vanity numbers are coveted in the business world and for good reason. One published study shows advertisers can expect an 84% improvement in recall rates for vanity 1-800 numbers versus numeric phone numbers when shown on TV, billboards and in print. This is only one of the benefits to businesses.
Let’s talk about some of the other benefits.

1. People will remember you

Whether people hear the vanity number on the radio or see it on the side of a bus, they remember the number. An easy-to-remember phone number will stick in your customers’ heads, as do slogans and sales jingles. This makes it easy for prospects and customers to reach you when they need you.

2. Enhance your business’ credibility

When people see a vanity phone number, they immediately think of big businesses and enterprises, whether it is true or not. Even if your business is small or new, a vanity number enhances your credibility and your company’s image. It immediately gives the impression you have made a concerted effort to appear professional.

3. Use it as a marketing or advertising tool

A vanity number is a highly effective marketing tool. You can place the number in advertisements, on billboards or even on busses and trains. This number can quickly and easily convey your company’s name, what you do and how people can contact you.

4. Avoid surprises

When a company only has a local phone number and not a toll-free phone number, customers and prospects get worried. They wonder if they will have a “surprise” on their next phone bill with long-distance fees.
This can easily be avoided by opting for a toll-free vanity number. When customers call a toll-free number, the call is free for the customer. This allows your customers to focus on contacting you and getting their questions answered or situations solved without any worries or hassles.

Ready to get started?

If you’re ready to get started with a vanity phone number for your business, it’s easy. Most cloud-based or VoIP business phone providers like VoxSun allow you to easily set up a vanity phone number. Start thinking about multiple options now, in case your first option is not available.
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