VoIP and IP telephony functionality

Unlimited calling, call transferring, voice recognition, voicemail to email, smartphone app…

VoxSun's business phone system helps your employees work better
  • Unlimited Calling

    Unlimited Calling

    VoxSun’s phone lines include unlimited calling. You can stop worrying about long distance fees and start saving.

  • Call Forwarding

    Call Forwarding

    Nobody likes missing phone calls! With VoxSun’s call forwarding system, you can transfer your calls to another extension, phone, or even your mobile phone. You can now be reachable even if you’re out of the office.

  • Automated menu (IVR)

    Automated menu (IVR)

    The IVR function is an automated menu that can answer calls for you. The menu can then direct your callers to the right person or department.

  • Remote Agents

    Remote Agents

    This option allows you to connect remote agents through a public phone number such as a cell phone, to your call queues. Once the agent is connected to the queue, he/she can take phone calls just like a local agent.

  • Call encryption

    Call encryption

    Security and privacy is a priority at VoxSun. We assure security by utilizing end-to-end “secure RTP“ encryption to encrypt the voice data between your phone and VoxSun.

  • Use without geographic limits

    Use without geographic limits

    With a phone system in the cloud, geography and distance are no longer limiting factors. You can have phone extensions scattered around multiple offices around the world and your phone system will work as if everyone was in close proximity.

  • Toll-free number minutes

    Toll-free number minutes

    VoxSun understands your need to budget and get the best value; which is why we offer affordable minute packages of incoming minutes for toll-free numbers.

  • Faxing


    Faxing is included in VoxSun’s office plans. You can either receive faxes through your traditional fax machine, or receive faxes virtually. With virtual faxing, faxes are sent to your email inbox as PDF documents and you can also easily send faxes through email and your smartphone.

  • Boost System

    Boost System

    Boost ensures that your callers and users never get a busy signal. With Boost, VoxSun allows you to temporarily double the number of phone lines you have to ensure that you don’t miss a call.

  • Apps and VoxSun Phone

    Apps and VoxSun Phone

    You can make phone calls from your iOS, Android phones and Windows computers. You can easily call while you’re travelling and avoid any limits or roaming fees.

  • No Contract

    No Contract

    VoxSun guarantees quality service. One of our hallmark features is offering contract-free service, because we know the best way to retain clients is to offer a great service. We are committed to making sure our clients are completely satisfied.

  • Call screening

    Call screening

    With call screening, you can increase your productivity by accepting and prioritizing important calls.

  • Moderators


    Control your incoming call queues with our moderator functions. A moderator can consult performance reports and easily listen to phone conversations as they happen. Moderators can also “whisper” to agents without having the caller hear them, perfect for training new agents.

  • Presence


    With presence, you can easily see if your coworkers are already on the phone or not before transferring a call. Users that are on the phone appear with a red coloured-light on the button of your phone.

  • All call management features

    All call management features

    VoxSun offers all of the feature code services for free, including:
    Caller ID
    Three-way conferencing
    Call transferring
    Call on hold
    Voicemail to email

  • Add lines and extensions at any time

    Add lines and extensions at any time

    VoxSun’s system is flexible and lets you scale with your growth. You can add lines and extensions at antyime with fast activation.

  • Voice recognition

    Voice recognition

    Use voice recognition to streamline your phone system. This ends the use of old directory systems and lets your callers simply say the name of the person they want to reach. Try it and you’ll see… It works!

  • Call recording

    Call recording

    VoxSun integrates call recording into the system. You can either record calls by pressing a button or permanently activate call recoding on a specific extension.

  • CRM integration

    CRM integration

    VoxSun integrates with your Zoho CRM system to provide features to save you time: click to call, incoming call popups with lead & contact information, call recordings, reporting, etc.

  • Limit calls per user

    Limit calls per user

    By configuring calling limits, a company can restrict international calls for certain users and limit the risk of loss if the system is used without authorization.

  • Keep your existing number

    Keep your existing number

    We understand the importance of existing phone numbers for businesses and the need to preserve them. At VoxSun, we transfer (port) your existing numbers over so that your users can continue calling you on your existing phone number(s) and without any interruption.

  • Phone and hardware leasing

    Phone and hardware leasing

    We understand that purchasing hardware can be a significant investment, especially for young companies, even if our prices are the best on the market. This is why we provide a leasing option for hardware to get started without spending a substantial amount of money.

  • Advanced queue reports

    Advanced queue reports

    Advanced queue reports help you optimize your human ressources and processes. This type of report lets you see key performance indicators for each one of your queues (average waiting time, call abandon time, agent availability, etc.)

  • Access to caller records and advanced statistics

    Access to caller records and advanced statistics

    VoxSun also lets you consult advanced statistics related to your phone system and CDR (caller detail records) in real time. It’s therefore possible to follow your users’ calls.

  • Incoming call rules

    Incoming call rules

    With incoming call rules, you can craft customized call forwarding scenarios based on a specific time interval or even the caller ID.

  • Voicemail


    VoxSun’s dedicated voicemail function answers to your calls when you can’t pick up your phone. Messages can be accessed remotely and even sent to your email address as sound files.

  • FollowMe


    Never miss phone calls, wherever you are. When a caller tries to reach you, you can customize the system to ring multiple phones in attempts to find you. Whether you are at the office, at your home, on the move, or in your cottage, you can remain reachable.

  • Local agents

    Local agents

    Call centers have become indespensible for many companies. With the combination of an IVR and queues, you can easily route calls towards the right department. Local agents can be added directly to queues and can accept incoming calls.

  • Conference calling

    Conference calling

    With call conferencing, you can easily create a conferencing bridge for users to join. You can either create a simple conference with a permanent pin code, or schedule a conference at a specific date and time.

  • Advanced call reports

    Advanced call reports

    VoxSun Office includes a variety of reporting tools for administrators and supervisors. The advanced call report is useful to follow your user’s activity.

  • ActivVoice


    ActivVoice is a unique technology that ensures the highest quality HD phone calls.

  • Share your lines with all your offices

    Share your lines with all your offices

    VoxSun lets you use your phone system from anywhere in the world. You could have an office in New York and another one in Paris and they could both use the same phone lines and resources, letting you save substantially on your communication costs.

  • Local, international and toll-free vanity phone and fax numbers

    Local, international and toll-free vanity phone and fax numbers

    VoxSun understands the global economy of which your business is a part. This is why we offer phone numbers across the world, whether it’s in the Americas, Europe, Asia or Australia. These phone numbers are directly connected to your system and allow people across the world to easily reach you. We also offer personalized vanity toll-free (1-8XX) numbers with special words, letters or numbers chosen by you.

VoxSun Yealink T54W

Reinforce your business: call and fax unlimited

  •  Benefit from calling and faxing through the country
  • Use VoxSun’s phones or your own IP phones and fax machine
  • Use the voice recognition system

Your clients call and fax you

  •  VoxSun reponds to call the calls and faxes
  •  Various local, toll-free and international numbers
  •  Your clients will never have a busy signal

VoxSun manages the calls and faxes of your business

  •  Your clients are answered by an automated receptionist (IVR)
  •  Your clients select the extension of their choice
  •  Customize your business hours schedule, welcome messages and call transfers

Access your phone calls and faxes from wherever you are

  •  VoxSun’s business phones offer you indispensable features
  • Your calls can be routed to your office, home or mobile phone
  •  Receive voicemail messages and faxes to your email address
  •  Use VoxSun’s App while you’re on the move
VoxSun Yealink T54W
VoxSun Pro Apps for iOS and Android

VoxSun Mobile for you

  • Unlimited calling with VoxSun
  • Use VoxSun mobile with your smartphone

Your contacts can reach you at any time

  • VoxSun reponds to call the calls and faxes
  • Various local, toll-free and international numbers
  •  Your clients will never have a busy signal

Make phone calls and send faxes from wherever you are

  • VoxSun’s App offer you indispensable features
  • Receive voicemail messages and faxes to your email address
VoxSun Fax in the cloud

Receive faxes from anywhere and at all times

  • Manage your faxes with ease
  •  Your phone lines always remain available
  •  Various local, toll-free and international numbers available
  •  Access to your faxes from anywhere and at any time

Send professional faxes in the blink of an eye

  • Faxing is easy with VoxSun
  • Send a fax like you send an email
  • Use your smartphone like a mobile fax machine

The new digital business telephony in the cloud for your company.