Simple installation of business VoIP

VoxSun Telecom offers you VoIP phone service with up to 50% savings and plans without a contract.

VoxSun's IP phones make your employees more productive

Here are 10 excellent reasons why you should upgrade to an HD phone system for your business.

  • #Savings


    Our new digital business phone system can reduce your communications costs by up to 50%, especially for long distance and international calling. In addition, you can benefit from having local and international numbers wherever you are.

  • #Mobility

    You can make and receive calls from multiple devices from a dedicated phone from your PC via a softphone (PC Phone VoxSun), and even from a smartphone (VoxSun App).



  • #Ease Of Use


    It’s easy to add extensions to your phone system. You can also easily provide local numbers or extensions to all of your team members without cabling. Thus, it’s possible to have an office in New York City but maintain a Toronto number on the same system.

  • #Efficiency

    Our new business phone system allows companies to maximize their network infrastructure investments. The same network that handles Internet and computer data can now easily handle voice. No new cabling or network equipment is generally required.



  • #Productivity


    Our next-generation phone system lets your employees be productive and even more efficient by letting them receive and make phone calls from wherever they are through an Internet connection. You can avoid roaming coasts and reduce your cellphone monthly bills.

  • #Flexibility

    Our next-generation business telephony system reduces the complexity associated with multiple networks and communication devices. A company can put in place a single network and employees can use a single device such as a computer or smartphone. This single device can then handle calls, e-mails, chat communications, messages, faxes, and much more.



  • #New Communication


    You can use our next-generation business phone system as a powerful collaboration tool by using our conferencing and video conferencing features.

  • #Unified Communication

    Unify your communication channels by simplifying your communications and information handling by sending your faxes, receiving your faxes and receiving your voicemail from a single location: your email inbox.


    #Unified Communication

  • #New Management


    You can use presense management technology, which is a standard feature with our next-generation HD phone system, to see the status of each one of your colleagues and employees.

  • #New Tools

    You can view and manage your calls in real time and implement automatic routing rules based on the caller’s number, time conditions, etc. You can also program an interactive voice response menu so that the caller can choose between several options and be automatically guided to the right person or department.


    #New Tools

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