VoxSun resellers & partners

Become a certified VoxSun partner and reseller! You can choose between an affiliate or franchisee program to offer the best cloud IP phone system.

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A next-generation communication solution in the Cloud for your business.

Take advantage of the VoxSun VoIP for your maketing strategy

Reseller program overview

Starting today, become one of our certified VoxSun retailers! We invite our affiliated partners to make use of the many advantages and services we offer such as promotional offers, helpful sales tools and dedicated professional support to help you maximize your efficiency and increase your revenue. Thanks to our retailer program, you can quickly and easily generate long-term income.

Here are some advantages of being a VoxSun affiliate:

  • Enjoy a 3-year monthly commission plan on every new client you recruit.
  • Receive a level of commission unmatched by the rest of the telephony market for every client referred.
  • Each commission can net you as much as 15% of your referred client’s monthly bill for the next 3 years.
  • You even receive commissions on configuration and installation fees.
  • Performance bonuses and other extras for our best resellers!

An overview of VoxSun’s franchisor program

Due to VoxSun’s experience with its own technology and our know-how, we are aware of the requirements in the franchising industry. Therefore, we have devised a franchisor program in an effort to fulfill the needs specific to each and every one of our franchisees.

Here are some advantages that our franchisees can take advantage of:

  • Our team of engineers and technicians will take care of the setup of your entire operation.
  • Reduce your telephone fees by up to 50% and never pay for toll calls again.
  • Take advantages of a solution that includes voicemail, faxes, call transfers, conference calls and many other features.
  • Enjoy a custom phone system built to answer your specific needs, and adjustable at any time to account for changes in your business’ market or needs.
  • Each of your branches, offices or locations can have its own unique system.
  • Each and every one of your clients can be reached at any given time or place.
  • Your payment model can be adjusted to cater to your needs.
VoxSun Business phone statistics for sales team
VoxSun Business Voip to Boost your sales

Welcome to VoxSun’s affiliate program

Become an affiliated partner of VoxSun’s and generate monthly commissions for 3 years with every new client who uses our services or products through you.

Join our affiliates program with ease

Becoming an affiliate of VoxSun’s does not require any financial investment! Our affiliates can take advantage of a large variety of services, promotional offers and sales tools, as well as dedicated professional help. Joining our program is both easy and simple. You will begin to generate revenue as soon as your first client signs.

The commission system

As an affiliate of VoxSun’s, you will receive commission on every new prospect you refer and on every sale generated by your referrals.

As an affiliate of VoxSun’s, you will receive:

  •  Regular commissions over a span of 3 years for every new client you refer.
  • A commission for every prospect resulting in a sale and for every sale made.
  •  Regular promotional offers and contests.
  •  An advanced commissions system based on performance.
  •  A team of dedicated specialists ready to help you at all times.



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