Phone system in the cloud

VoxSun’s business IP VoIP telephony offers you a phone system in the cloud with features equivalent to the most expensive systems, but at a fraction of the price and with unlimited calling.

VoxSun's IP phones make your employees more productive

VoxSun Telecom is designed for businesses and mobile professionals.

By using VoxSun, you get the power and flexibility of a phone system hosted in the Cloud with all of the business features included. VoxSun includes all of the features that are found in some of the most expensive traditional phone systems. And all that at a reduced cost.

Connected with VoxSun

Limitless communication

VoxSun offers an all-inclusive contract-free service that includes many features :

  • Unlimited calling and faxing
  • Keep your existing numbers
  • Local, toll-free and vanity* toll-free numbers available
  • Incoming toll-free number minutes are included
  • Call management features
  • Flexibility to add additional lines and extensions at all times
  • No geographic limitations
  • Share your lines with all of your offices
  • Call conferencing
  • Access to detailed statistics and call detail records
  • System management through the web with different levels of access
  • Leasing available for phones and hardware
  • CRM integration
  • VoxSun Apps for iPhone and Android phones and devices
  • Call recording
  • Call screening by name
  • Customer service module (Call queue, call listening, whispering, etc.)
  • Voicemail to email
  • Choose a new local, International, or Toll-free number
  • Voice recognition directory system
  • Automated receptionist (IVR)
  • International phone numbers

* A vanity number is a toll-free number with a word or custom digits in the phone number. Ex: 1-855-5-VoxSun

A next-generation cloud-based communication solution for your business.