ActivVoice Technology

VoxSun offers you reliable business VoIP telephony services with cost savings of up to 50% & innovative modules to optimize your growth.

VoxSun video conférence system for your business

VoxSun uses QoS technology to prioritise voice packets on your Internet connection.

This means that, by using QoS, your voice communications remain crystal-clear and reliable even if you’re using the Internet for downloading and uploading data.

VoxSun's ActivVoice prioritises voice on your Internet connection
VoxSun's QoS technology ensures great voice quality

VoxSun uses the best quality phone lines and uses an automated system for statistical analysis of voice quality.

With this system, we’re able to find and resolve quality situations quickly and maintain a higher voice quality than other providers.

VoxSun uses different codecs and specific parameters depending on the speed and quality of your Internet connection to ensure the best quality and stability of voice conversations.

We’re able to adapt well to different kinds of Internet connections, no matter where you are.

VoxSun cloud platform is interconnected with the highest number of Internet and phone providers to ensure the shortest path from your phones to the international phone network.

We’re working hard to avoid any of the uncertainties of the Internet to provide a reliable service.

Internet connection redundancy with VoxSun