GymCan world championship

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Just like the world’s best athletes, we strive to exceed everyone’s expectations.

During the 47th Artistic Gymnastic World Championships 2017, held at the Montreal Olympic Stadium from 2nd to 8th October, we had the opportunity to collaborate with the business phone system provider VoxSun Telecom.

Professional and efficient, the VoxSun team stood out due to its great ability to find the best communication solutions for our international event. Furthermore, they were able to quickly adapt to the complexity of the Stadium’s infrastructures and the major challenges related to them.

We would like to extend a particular thank you to the team on site from 2nd to 8th October, as they provided a quality service to our guests and contributed to the efficiency of the system installed in especially for our event.

VoxSun managed to position itself as a staple in regard to business phone services for all types of events.

Due to its impeccable customized service, the partnership between the 47th Artistic Gymnastics World Championships 2017 and VoxSun turned out to be an absolute success.

We recommend VoxSun services to anyone who is looking for the rare pearl as far as technology reliability, and straight forward, efficient and tailored customer service.

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