Who remembers the days of the old-school fax machine? It involved standing at the fax machine waiting for it to transmit documents—and then you receive a busy signal. Or having confidential documents come through only to sit in the tray, accessible to anyone in the office.
We sure have come a long way! Most things are going IP these days, including sending and receiving important documents via fax.

What is Fax over IP?
Fax over IP is the technology of sending fax documents over an IP network. Traditionally, faxes were sent over traditional phone lines, or Publicly Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN). With Fax over IP, the documents bypass PSTN completely, and it operates like calls over Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). The data from one fax message is transferred from one IP address to another IP address, all over the internet. This means you no longer needed a dedicated phone number to fax—just an IP address.
With this additional flexibility, documents also no longer must go strictly from fax machine to fax machine. Instead, faxes can be sent from fax machine to email or vice versa.

Why use Fax over IP?

1. It’s more cost-effective

When using Fax over IP, you will have one less network to pay for and manage. No longer will you need a costly analog telephone line as a dedicated phone line for fax. It reduces your network complexity and administrative efforts by consolidating voice, fax, and data services on a single network. Additionally, you will save on associated expenses. You will no longer need a physical fax machine, toner or reams of paper on standby.

2. Send and receive faxes from anywhere

When you use Fax Over IP, you can send and receive fax messages to anywhere, regardless of where you are. Faxes are not limited to the physical location of the fax machine. This means your remote employees or road warriors can send and receive messages anytime, anywhere using a local (virtual) fax number.

3. It’s environmentally-friendly

There is a lot of talk these days about a company’s carbon footprint—and for good reason. Traditional faxing requires paper, toner, hardware, and additional electricity to operate. By switching to Fax over IP, you can help do your part and participate in environmentally friendly business practices.

4. Integrate it into your current system

Software to utilize Fax over IP can be integrated into current systems, meaning you will not need to install additional hardware. The changeover will be seamless, with no effect on your customers or business.
All you need to get started with Fax over IP is a computer or another internet-enabled device, such as your smartphone or tablet; an email account; an internet connection; and a cloud-based business telephony provider, like VoxSun.

If you are looking to get rid of your old-school fax machine and want another way to explore cost-savings, Fax over IP may be the solution you need. It is easy, affordable, and convenient for employees wherever they are. Once you give it a try, you will likely wonder why you waited so long.

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