About VoxSun

VoxSun, the specialist of business cloud IP telephony, guarantees you an unlimited service without a contract and with HD quality voice powered by ActivVoice technology.

VoxSun's IP phones make your employees more productive
VoxSun connects you to its Could-based business phone system in the USA, Canada & anywhere in the world. 

Discover VoxSun VoIP business phone services and enjoy freedom!

VoxSun Telecom, Inc. is the alternative operator specializing in hosted phone systems in the cloud. VoxSun is a member of the CRTC and offers telephone systems and lines for businesses, mobile professionals and individuals.

VoxSun offers its services across Canada and the US with a line of products and services that will satisfy diverse needs.

VoxSun Telecom uses its own network and allows you to have all the advanced telephone services without any complex installation or limitations. Our products and services are reliable, affordable, flexible, scalable and are quick and easy to install.

Do you wish to have a professional office phone system and be reachable wherever you are?

VoxSun provides you with an innovative solution that improves productivity and reduces costs.

VoxSun provides you with unlimited incoming and outgoing calls, anywhere and anytime, while also giving you advanced features such as extensions, queues, voice recognition, smartphone apps, virtual fax, toll-free numbers, local numbers, international numbers, conference module and more.

You also get high voice recognition and no contracts, all included with a reduced monthly fee.

By switching to VoxSun, you can keep your existing phone numbers or order new ones. You can also keep your current phones or use our phones.

VoxSun Office Business phone service
VoxSun is the smart choice

VoxSun puts an end to the old rigid PBX systems and allows you to get rid of your telephone servers, updates, maintenance fees, server rooms, abusive licensing fees and overpriced lines.

Don’t hesitate; contact us to try the smart solution for business phones!

A next-generation communication solution in the Cloud for your business.