Connect Zoho CRM to your VoIP system

Zoho & VoxSun

Increase your sales, employee efficiency and customer satisfaction with the integration of VoxSun and Zoho CRM’s phone module.

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    Easily call a contact with a single click within Zoho CRM. Eliminate wasted time from misdialed and manually dialed numbers.

  • Incoming call pop-up

    At every incoming call, a pop-up gives you the contact information of your caller. Improve customer satisfaction with personalized service. Eliminate time wasted from manually looking up contacts.


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    Callback reminders

    Forgotten callbacks are a thing of the past! When it’s time for a callback, a pop-up appears with a button so you can make the call with a single click

  • Integrated call recordings and voicemail

    Improve your efficiency by getting all relevant information on a single page. All voicemails left by the contact and recorded calls appear on the contact’s page. No need to search for an earlier recording!


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    Automated call logging

    Incoming and outgoing calls are automatically logged within Zoho CRM. Eliminate any guesswork as to when a contact was last called.

  • Reports and statistics

    Improve your team’s efficiency and performance with easily configurable statistics and analytics.


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    Easily map extensions to Zoho users

    VoxSun’s integration is flexible. You can easily connect your VoxSun phone extensions to Zoho CRM users.

VoxSun’s Zoho CRM integration is included on Ultra Plans at no extra charge for the number of lines you are billed.


If you are billed for 10 VoxSun Ultra lines, you will have access to VoxSun’s Zoho CRM integration for 10 users.


Perfect for independant professionals



Perfect for small and medium businesses



Perfect for companies with advanced needs and an international presence


* Number of user licences included corresponds to the number of lines billed

Not yet a VoxSun customer?

Aready a VoxSun client?


A paid Zoho CRM subscription with PhoneBridge is required for each user that you wish to integrate with VoxSun.

For Base and Standard Plans and for additional users on Extra or Ultra Plans, VoxSun’s Zoho integration costs $4.99 per month per user.

5 GB* of space, per user, for recorded calls and voicemails is included at no extra charge. Additional increments of 10 GB can be purchased for $9.99 per month.

* Disk space is distributed among all your users on an as-needed basis. Each GB stores approximately 50 hours of recorded conversation.

A next-generation communication solution in the Cloud for your business.