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VoxSun guarantees a continuous service without interruptions at 99.9%. Our promise: a reliable business IP phone system to ensure the growth of your business.

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1. Introduction

VoxSun Telecom Inc. is committed to providing reliable and high quality business-grade IP telephony services. This document outlines targeted service availability levels and obligations of VoxSun to maintain those levels as described below.

2. Definitions and Scope

Level 1 support – support provided by VoxSun agents or resellers to the end user

Level 2 support – support provided by VoxSun staff to an end user, agent or reseller of VoxSun.

Business hours: Monday to Friday: 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST

After hours: All hours not within business hours coverage

This service level agreement covers services provided directly by VoxSun; It is limited to the equipment, software and network infrastructure that VoxSun has direct control of; Services provided by third parties in relation to IP telephony (ex: Internet connection, end user equipment, etc) are covered by the SLA of the respective third parties.

3. Reporting faults

End users of VoxSun can lodge faults directly to our support team.

End users of VoxSun agents or resellers should first attempt to contact their agent or reseller for initial problem resolution. If such contact is not possible or does not lead to fault resolution, a Level 2 support request can be lodged. VoxSun agents/resellers may be responsible for the support costs when problems are caused due to incomplete or inappropriate initial training provided to the end user.

Faults can be reported in four ways:

• By sending an email to: [email protected]

• By opening a support ticket via the support portal:

• By calling VoxSun at 1 877 986-9786

• By chatting with a support representative online via the website

4. Target Response Time

VoxSun will acknowledge your report of a fault within 2 hours of a fault being reported during business hours.

For faults lodged after hours, target response time will be 4 to 8 hours.

VoxSun will provide you with an indication of the nature of the fault and estimated time to repair the service.

5. Target Repair Time

Repair time is the time taken to restore telephony services to its technical standards from the time lodged fault has been acknowledged.

Targeted repair time (business hours): 4 hours

Targeted repair time (after hours): 8 hours

6. Scheduled service outages

Scheduled service outages may be required for equipment service and maintenance operations. They can also originate from 3rd party carriers who are providing services to VoxSun.

Such outages will be scheduled well outside normal business hours. VoxSun will provide at least 1 business day notification of any planned service interruptions to all its end users and agents/resellers.

VoxSun will notify all affected end users and agents/resellers via email. It is the responsibility of the end user or agent/reseller to keep their email address registered and up to date with VoxSun.

In the event of emergency service interruption, VoxSun reserves the right to undertake a service interruption without notice. In such cases VoxSun will use its best efforts to notify the end users and agents/resellers prior to any service interruption.

7. Service uptime

Service uptime is calculated as the percentage of time the IP telephony service is available to the End User during the course of a year.

• Service uptime is calculated for the VoxSun infrastructure only.

• VoxSun’s infrastructure does not include end user hardware or internet connections.

Target Service Availability: 99.99%

8. Service Level Agreement Terms & Conditions

VoxSun will use its best efforts to meet the service levels described.

Above service availability is provided using facilities that are in direct control of VoxSun.

9. Acceptance

Your continued use of services provided by VoxSun shall be deemed to demonstrate acceptance of the terms and conditions of this SLA.